Check out my interview on the Janet Parshall Show

A few nights ago, I was honored to be interviewed by Janet Parshall about the latest book, “Embezzlement”. I was on for the entire hour, so we were able to delve into the cool details of the story. We’ve gotten a lot of response from people who can relate with my scarlet letter that has now become a badge of honor (see “The Sheep Thief” below). 

Click here to listen

The Sheep Thief
I once heard a story about two brothers who lived in a small town in the country. The story goes that both of these brothers were caught stealing sheep. For their punishment they were branded on the forehead with the letters “ST,” for “Sheep Thief.”
One brother was so ashamed that he left the community. Everywhere he went he had to constantly explain the letters on his forehead. He remained bitter about the whole thing and always felt he had been treated unfairly. He eventually died a lonely man and was buried in an unknown grave.
His brother, on the other hand, stayed in the community and tried to win back his neighbors’ trust. He did everything he could to show the people of the town that he was a changed man. He volunteered for community service projects, helped his neighbors when he saw the need, and did all he could to become the kind of man that he knew he ought to be.
Many years later a visitor came to town. He asked a local resident about the strange letters on the old man’s forehead. The resident replied that he had forgotten exactly why the letters were there, but that he thought “ST” most likely was an abbreviation for the word “Saint.”
I’m not claiming to be a saint, but God has allowed me to use my story of “sheep thievery” (or “sheriff thievery”), something I was ashamed of for many years, as a way to reach others and change my “ST” to “Stewardship Teacher”.


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