Cures for the Post Christmas Blues

After all the commotion, hullabaloo and yes, even the brouhaha, subsides; the decorations come down, families go back home and a return to work looms, it’s easy to feel a let down. There is so much build up and then, suddenly, it’s all over and we’re left feeling a bit empty. Here are a bunch of cures for the Post Christmas Blues:

1. Watch funny videos on CatTube (formerly YouTube). Giggling, laughing, and smiling will actually cause a physiological reaction, decreasing stress hormones, relaxing muscles and increasing respiration. For example:

2. Exercise. Getting up the courage to get out there and exercise is hard, but the endorphins released help reduce stress, ward off anxiety, increase self esteem and improve sleep.

3. Volunteer. Volunteering has been proven to be a major factor in feelings of contentedness and happiness. It’s no coincidence that 8 of the top “happiest” states also have the highest rates of volunteerism (link). For ways to find volunteer opportunities to suit you in your area, check out idealist, volunteermatch, or allforgood.

4. Do nice things for friends/strangers. Consciously do at least 5 acts of kindness per day. Putting a number to your kindness makes us more conscious of it, which, in turn, pleases us more, according to a UC Riverside study. 

5. Go to the source. As Christians, we have 24/7 access to the most powerful, loving God in the universe. Go to Him with your feelings and He will provide you solace, love and wisdom.


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