10 Crazy Uses for Duct Tape

I love duct tape. When my wife asks me to fix something, I immediately reach for the duct tap because I know 9 times out of 10 it will solve the problem. This HAS led to some disasters. For example, don’t hang your TV with duct tape. Just don’t do it. Also, don’t diaper the baby with duct tape – it will only end badly for everyone involved. That said, there are some incredible things that duct tape can do. Here are 10 crazy ones that actually work (I have the wallet, book bag, and bracelet my son made for me):

1. The Wallet

2. The Duct Tape Belt

3. The Cell Phone Case

4. The Duct Tape Book Bag

5. The Pencil Case

6. The Luggage Tag

7. The Bracelet

8. The Shoelaces

9. The Checkerboard

10. The Hair Bow

Have you made any of these things (or something crazier?). Let us know by commenting below.


2 thoughts on “10 Crazy Uses for Duct Tape

  1. Ha! My kids and I saw this and we are going to take this Saturday to make some duct tape crafts. They want to make the wallet, wristbands, book bag and the hair bow for my daughter. We’ll le tyou know how it goes… 😉

  2. dude I have a duct tape watch. the band broke on my old one so I made a band out of neon green duct tape and that sucker is cooler than it was before and people always ask me where i got it. I’m gonna make me a matching belt now.

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