The Cheapest Caffeine Fixes

ImageLet’s start this by saying you’d be better off stopping your caffeine intake altogether. You’d save a ton of money each year and your doctor will praise you. But, if you’re like me, you have to have your caffeine fix to start your day and you’ve wondered if there was a cheaper way to do it.

If you haven’t already, start with the Latte Factor – cutting out the expensive coffee houses and brewing your own could save you up to $1500 a year even if you splurge for great beans and a barista style coffee maker. 

This is not an endorsement of any of these products, just a former bean counter (get it?) crunching the numbers and giving you the raw data on the cheapest ways to get your caffeine on.

1. No Doz

Not recommended for anyone with a pulse. No Doz packs a punch that will keep you going…and going…and going…And at only $0.0008 per milligram of caffeine, you can save some of those extra pennies for the ER room after you’ve had an anxiety attack. 

2. Tetley’s Black Tea

This British favorite is so cheap, they have it twice a day. At less than a dime a tea bag, it brings the caffeine cost at $0.0011 per milligram. That’s so low, it’s practically free. God save the queen…and your cash.

3. Excedrin Extra Strength

Got a headache and a 2 o’clock lull? Look no further than Excedrin Extra Strength. At $0.0015 per milligram, you can stay awake and lose the headache. Keep in mind that excess acetaminophen is bad for the liver.

Here’s the list in full, from least expensive to most expensive. These are based on prices that are not on sale.

How Much Caffeine Costs

  1. No Doz ($0.0008 per mg)
  2. Tetley’s Black Tea ($0.0011 per mg)
  3. Excedrin Extra Strength ($0.0015 per mg)
  4. 5 Hour Energy ($0.0017 per mg)
  5. Starbucks Grande Coffee ($0.0056 per mg)
  6. Starbucks Grande Iced Coffee (w/o Ice) ($0.0059 per mg)
  7. Mountain Dew ($0.0090 cents per mg)
  8. Starbucks Grande Iced Coffee (w/ Ice) ($0.0097 per mg)
  9. Diet Coke/Tab (Tie) ($0.0104 per mg)
  10. Dr. Pepper ($0.0111 per mg
  11. Midol Maximum Strength ($0.0113 per mg)
  12. Sunkist Orange Soda ($0.0116 per mg)
  13. Pepsi ($0.0129 per mg)
  14. Starbucks Double Espresso ($0.013 per mg)
  15. Coke ($0.0140 per mg)
  16. Monster Energy Drink ($0.0149 per mg)
  17. Full Throttle Energy Drink ($0.0159 per mg)
  18. A & W Cream Soda ($0.0169 per mg)
  19. Starbucks Grande Latte/Single Espresso (Tie) $0.0200 per mg)
  20. Barq’s Rootbeer ($0.0213 per mg)
  21. Red Bull ($0.025 per mg)
  22. Starbucks Grande Tazo Chai Tea Latte ($0.0355 per mg)
  23. Rockstar Energy Drink ($0.0374 per mg)
  24. Snapple Iced Tea ($0.07 per mg)

For a full list of caffeine content in every drink imaginable, check out Energy Fiend. Remember, ingest caffeine responsibly. 

How do you save on caffeine? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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