14 Incredible Uses for Mouthwash

Mouthwash is an incredible money saving product! It was first invented to be used as a surgical antiseptic and has a ton of other properties besides keeping your mouth minty fresh. So, before you go to the store for expensive anti-fungal treatments, bathroom cleaners, or dandruff shampoos, look under your cupboard first. We found hundreds of uses all over the internet, but here are the best of the best:

Bathroom Cleaning Product

The plaque-busting ingredients in mouthwash effectively clean toilet bowls and kill bathroom germs. Pour two ounces of mouthwash into the toilet bowl and let the liquid sit for 30 minutes. Follow up with a quick swish with a toilet brush and then flush.

Fungus Eradicator

A mixture of mouthwash and water (25 percent mouthwash and 75 percent water) can be sprayed onto plant leaves suffering from mildew and fungus. Use once a week. Meanwhile, mild cases of athlete’s foot and toe fungus can be treated with mouthwash. Soak a cotton ball with (sugar free) mouthwash and apply it to the foot several times a day. The athlete’s foot may disappear in days, but toe fungus may take months to banish.

Bruise Treatment

Got a wicked black and blue from bumping into your dresser? Rubbing some mouthwash on it will save you from a gaudy bruise (or at least reduce the appearance of it).

Dandruff Treatment

Not into expensive specialized dandruff shampoos? After shampooing, try rinsing your hair with a 50/50 mixture of mouthwash and water (1/2 a cup of each will do). You may have to repeat this process a few times to eradicate the dandruff completely. Bonus — your hair will smell minty fresh.

Poison Ivy Treatment

Stop scratching! Instead, apply some mouthwash, and not only will it relieve the itchiness and inflammation of a poison ivy attack, but it can also dry up the area and begin the healing process.

Hand Sanitizer

A bit of minty mouthwash will sanitize your hands as well as any hand sanitizer. Just make sure to use an alcohol based, sugar free mouthwash or you’ll have a sticky mess on your hands.


On the road and forgot your deodorant? The bacteria killing properties of mouthwash will kill those odor causing buggers. Be careful — if you just shaved your armpits, an alcohol-based mouthwash will hurt!

Facial Astringent

Antiseptic mouthwash could also be used as facial astringent. Just moisten a cotton ball and wipe your forehead, nose and chin while avoid areas surrounding your eyes.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Simply soak up your toothbrushes using shallow cup and bacteria is removed.

Clean Cuts and Scrapes

Mouthwash was first used as a surgical antiseptic before people figured out its mouth-washing properties. Apply some mouthwash to your boo-boo, dry, and dress it with a bandage as necessary.

Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Mix two tablespoons of mouthwash per gallon of water and fill your flower vase with this mixture, and your cut flowers will last longer by killing the bacteria that decomposes flowers.

Glass Cleaner

Apply mouthwash to a damp cloth and go to town on glass surfaces. Dry with a cotton cloth.

Computer Screen Cleaner

For computers with non-LCD screens (like glass), mouthwash can remove smudges and dust very easily. And the most enticing, as a screen cleaner, mouthwash is a bargain! Just compare the prices of a true-blue computer screen cleaner with mouthwash

Laundry Sanitizer

A cup of alcohol-based mouthwash is great for killing germs in the laundry, especially if you’re washing very soiled items. Add to the regular cycle. This is especially handy for those stinky gym socks; mouthwash kills all the bacteria that is sometimes left behind in a regular wash.

Do you have any uses for mouthwash that we missed? Let us know by commenting.



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