BOOK GIVEAWAY: Building Your Financial Fortress in 52 Days


Time for another book giveaway! TO WIN, LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A GREAT FINANCIAL TIP OR FOLLOW OUR BLOG (scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your e-mail to follow). We will randomly choose someone to receive a free copy of Building Your Financial Fortress in 52 Days!

Here’s a synopsis:

Most people scrape by in life, anesthetizing their hearts with meaningless diversions. Many have no breathing room and find themselves in an endless struggle to survive from one day to the next. God s Word has the answers for them. The Bible contains 2,350 verses that have to do with money and possessions. God desires a life for us that is free of debt and the entrapments and common pitfalls related to financial difficulties. This 7-week plan will rock and roll the finances of every reader and will challenge them to take hold of the life that is true living. Through Nehemiah s example you will find lasting financial peace, and learn how to: Rebuild your finances and attitudes. Give your finances to God. Understand God s Word about making and saving money. Resist all opposition to building your financial fortress. Realize your divine responsibility to share. Build strong and secure financial walls. Put the finishing touches on your financial fortress.

This book will help you apply God’s transcendent, practical, and wise principles to your financial life. I endorse it enthusiastically. –Ron Blue, President Kingdom Advisors

This practical book addresses what God has to say about money and its purposes. He clearly demonstrates how trusting God is the key to becoming debt-free and enjoying purposeful living. I heartily recommend this book. –Howard Dayton, co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries


4 thoughts on “BOOK GIVEAWAY: Building Your Financial Fortress in 52 Days

  1. The best tip I can give is to pray to God about EVERY financial decision. He says to ask him for wisdom, so I always ask for financial wisdom from Him and He gives it.

  2. Pay attention to where your money goes. It seems simple, but a lot of people work hard for their money and then just ignore it and let it slip through their hands

  3. Prayerfully seek God’s wisdom…Going to a cash system helped us years ago..Having envelopes for every bill, savings, etc, even entertainment. We stopped doing this, and have suffered for it..We are slowly going to become debt free, and going to go back to the envelope system, thank’s to God providing us with Believers Debt Relief!

  4. The most important thing is to spend less than you earn. When you start to earn more, your expenses always go up to meet what you earn. If you resist this, you can save a ton and never find yourself in bad financial condtiton.

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