In Praise of the Bobble

ImageNow, I am not one to shill for a product and I am usually the first to say, “Don’t buy that! What are you, crazy?” But sometimes a product comes along that makes my frugal heart sing and it gives me a little thrill to tell everyone about it. It seems weird to be so excited about a little piece of plastic, but that’s where we are.

My car used to be teeming with water bottles. Empty ones, ones with a swig left, ones which were opened, swigged once, then abandoned, and usually a case of 24 somewhere in the hot car. When I’d make a turn, the water bottles would all shift and make a chorus of swishing water that made me feel like I was steering a boat.

No more. With my Bobble, I fill up before I leave the house with cold tap water and I’m good for the day. If I run out, I fill up at any public water fountain (even restroom taps, although I feel like a weirdo). No longer am I tempted by the siren call of the gas station water bottle stop. It saves me money, keeps me drinking healthy water, and I feel like a good steward of the environment (the EPA has started sending me thank you cards).

Kohls has these for $9.99 and if you sign up for Kohls email alerts, they’ll send you a $5 coupon, knocking the price down to $5 for the equivalent of 300 bottles of water!


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