CBS News: Money missionaries help with family finances

For those of you who follow our blog and don’t know yet, we were featured on CBS Evening News on Tuesday night. We were pleased with the fairness of the story and have gotten a lot of great feedback from the people who were touched by it.

There is one important point that wasn’t made clear. The people who received financial help in the form of a car or debt payment were people who had gone through financial counseling through Account417 or Fellowship Bible Church, had surrendered their finances to God and were trusting Him completely to meet their needs. These were not random “handouts”.

We also received some negativity from people who thought that we would only help “members”. This is also not true. We try our best to help anyone and everyone who has a physical and spiritual need. We are a small organization, so our resources are limited as is our staff.

After the CBS piece aired, we were inundated with calls and e-mails from people needing help. Thanks to some incredible volunteers, we are praying for every one of them and offering them free financial counseling.

Please pray that this national exposure will show people that Christians (and the church) are helping people in tangible ways and meeting the needs of the community as is our privilege as believers.

If you would like to donate money, time, or resources to help us handle the needs of these struggling people across the country, we would be honored to put it to good use. Go to to contact us or give.


One thought on “CBS News: Money missionaries help with family finances

  1. Hey Kevin and Steph, we rarely have the news on but last Friday cathy had it on when I came in and she told me that Kevin was going to be on in a few minutes so we got to watch it. Great to see you there and great to see the good work that you are doing. I know you have NO control over how they edit, but it is sad that they did not make it clear that anyone could receive help but they had to go through the counseling and given their finances to God. Oh, well!

    An interesting sidelight is that there was a “friend of a friend” actually a couple and their 7 YO daughter that came over that night to meet us because they were going to stay in our guest room for about three weeks while their daughter finished school. They had lost their home and business to the downturn and wanted to stay in the school district until the school year ended. Well, they showed up just before your segment started so we told them who you were and had them sit with us while we watched it. About halfway through I realized how personal this probably was for them. After seeing the nice cars they are driving, I realized what part of their mistake was, but there are a lot of people in trouble theses days, which I’m sure you know much better than I.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and come see us when you get time. We’re heading to Oregon this week for 10 days to see Nathan and family. Love, Joe

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