The $5 challenge

In the spirit of the 4th of July and awesomeness for awesomeness’s sake (say that five times), we thought we’d offer you all a challenge to do something good for someone else this week.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find one small way to brighten someone’s day using $5.00 or less. You can interpret that any way you would like, but by next Monday morning your deed should be completed if you’re up for it.

You could:

  • Pay the toll of the person behind you on the highway
  • Pick up coffee for someone in line with you
  • Make lunch or dinner for someone
  • Mow a friend’s lawn (that’s got to be worth more than $5!)
  • Offer your services to someone for an hour
  • Literally give your $5 to someone who is struggling

There are a TON of things you could come up with, but the best are those that are really meaningful to YOU. The opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life are endless and the happiness you’ll get from cheering someone up is worth WAY more than $5. God can do so much with so little that you never know what your small contribution could lead to. We’ve heard some life changing stories over the years, many of which start with a measly $5 or just an hour of time.

So, that’s the challenge, ladies and gentleman! Are you ready for a little life change action? We want to hear what you did! Please leave us a comment with whatever creative thing you decided to do and the story that goes with it.


12 thoughts on “The $5 challenge

  1. Great idea! I know I need to be more intentional of doing things for other people. With these types of goals I need people to keep reminding me though so that I’m thinking about it!

    • Thanks for your transparency and humility. I love how C.S. Lewis said it, “humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less”.

      Thanks for reminding us all – you are my kind of hero!

  2. Instead of Starbucks, go for a cheaper coffee. My work team meets at 7-11 before getting started and several of us get a coffee or hot chocolate. When I go into work tomorrow, I’ll pick up the tab for as many coworkers are in 7-11 at the same time as me.

  3. Went to a Party and paid the $5 Valet parking fee for the car behind me…They were SUPER excited, grateful, and confused all at the same time!!! Doing something nice for someone else ALWAYS makes you feel better, especially when they really appreciate it. I’ll try to do random things more often, and $5 is very manageable 🙂

    • Great idea AJ! I know that confused look well. They can’t get their minds around the fact that someone is doing something nice for a stranger, but that’s the fun part! Keep up the good work!!

  4. I had a $5 bill in my pocket and I filled up my tank with a credit card, but went in to the store afterward and gave the cashier $5 for my spot. I drove away and left that money to the next person, should they discover it! It made me feel good at least.

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