I looked at him and said, “tonight is the night”

To say this was a life-changing, even “remarkable” crusade and VBS would fall woefully short of the truth.

Thursday started out with about 30 children giving their lives to the Lord and joyfully accepting Jesus’s free gift of eternal life. We should have known if that happened during the morning, imagine what He had in store at night.

The last night of the crusade brought out many new unbelievers and I decided to land the plane on the outrageous claims that Jesus made and that He cannot be considered merely a good moral leader or teacher and make claims that only God can do and be. I challenged the Hindus to consider him either a liar, lunatic, or the Lord God. I asked them to consider the words of Jesus as a challenge – that if they would not believe His words for them to believe His works. I referenced each night’s testimony from our team ending with the heartbreaking events that Britta, at only 19 years old, has endured, yet never left or abandoned by the Lord. I then told them to consider the story of one of their own – the couple celebrating 60 years of marriage next month and the first 13 years a living hell (three suicide attempts, beatings, etc) and then someone shared Jesus with them. Their lives radically changed!

I pointed to the former Hindus and with tears in their eyes they nodded yes to my question of whether they really did have a changed life!

We led dozens to Jesus. We ran out of books, cards, and everything we had, except the words and works of the Lord Jesus!!!!

The administrative pastor and his wife have been inviting and telling her brother about Christ for nearly 20 years. I had the pleasure to lead his 9 year old daughter to the Jesus when I spoke to the whole group of children. As I spoke to him I asked his daughter if she accepted Jesus today as her savior and she said yes. I then asked if she thought her daddy should. She smiled real big and said “oh yes”. I looked at him and said tonight is the night and said “yes it is” and then accepted Christ’s free gift for salvation!

It was a booyah night!



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