28 Ways to Make Money on the Side

Side jobs are a great way to make extra cash with free time you have in the evening, weekends, and even early morning hours. If you’re motivated, it’s absolutely possible to make anywhere from $20 to $200+ each week in side jobs. Some of these will take a little capital to get started, but others can be done with sweat equity alone. Here’s our list of great side job ideas that you can draw from. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments and we’ll add them as a resource for others.

1. Freelance Writing  If you have a knack for writing and want to get paid for your skills, you can market your talent on freelance writing job boards or sign up to be a contributor for eLanceYahoo Contributor Network or Hub Pages.

2. Auto Detailing  You don’t need much to start an auto detailing business. Pick up a few cleaning supplies from Autozone or Walmart, make a few flyers and approach businesses or homes in your neighborhood about a ‘mobile auto detailing’ service. You can easily make $70 – $120 per car.

3. Babysitting/Pet Sitting  Make yourself available on the weekends or even during days that you know you’ll be off from work (holidays, etc) and you could take home a few extra dollars by babysitting. Pet sitting is a good way to make an extra $20 in a weekend.

4. Graphic Design If you have some Photoshop or Illustrator skills, check out 99designs and get paid $200 – $500 for creating logos, marketing materials, and website design.

5. Woodworking  If you can use a jig saw like no other, you can make money. If you create custom furniture or home furnishings, you can list them on eBay or Craigslist or even put up a website to sell them to anyone who’s interested.

6. Jewelry Making  You’ll be surprised what people are looking for when it comes to jewelry. If you can make unique pieces of jewelry, you might find a buyer through eBay or Etsy.com – a site where you can sell your handmade creations.

7. Home Made Candles  It’s easy to make candles and the markup is very good. Like jewelry, you can sell it online or even find local stores that will sell it for you. Check out this recipe on how to make beeswax candles.

8. eBay Business  Starting an eBay business is a great way to make extra money. You can sell stuff you already have or find stuff at garage sales and resell treasures you’ve found, or make your own things and sell them.

9. Office Cleaning Every business office needs to be cleaned. This is a great job if you want steady evening work, because you have to wait for the office to clear out before you can start cleaning. Approach local businesses and churches to see if you can provide cleaning services at a lower price than what they’re paying.

10. Pet Services – Love dogs? There’s a job for that. You can walk, wash, pet-sit, board overnight, groom and make dog treats as a side job. People love their pets, so you might be busier than you think with this one. Oh…and don’t forget the pet waste removal side job…

11. Music lessons  This can be very lucrative and not too time consuming. If you have musical or vocal talent, offer to give lessons to kids in the neighborhood.

12. Tutoring Sessions  Are you a wiz at Math or English? The going rate for tutoring is about $20-$30 per hour in some areas, so don’t sell yourself cheap if you know how to teach others.

13. ESL Teaching via Skype There are several places that connect people from other countries who want to learn English with people who speak English natively. You can do the lessons over Skype and choose how much you want to be paid.

14. Tax Preparation  Everyone has to file taxes. If you’re comfortable and knowledgeable with tax preparation, you can hire out your service around tax time and make a few hundred dollars easily with tax prep.

15. Painting Service  Here’s another realistic business idea that can be profitable on the weekends or evenings. You can set yourself apart by learning how to paint rooms in a unique way and hiring out yourself as a specialty painting professional. Or, you can take a more simple route and paint a neighbor’s fence or shed.

16. Yard Work  This is a great job for teens and adults. You can set up a recurring job like mowing or look for specialty work like creating mulch beds around trees or cleaning up debris.

17. Handyman Service  Put up an ad on Craigslist or in your local hardware store and you could make a few quick dollars doing small repairs or installations in homes. Make sure to check with an insurance company before you take on jobs that are too big.

18. Website Design  It’s surprising how many old looking websites are around today. Many small business and church websites can really use an update, so if you’re comfortable with WordPress, you might be able to make a few hundred dollars in designing and setting up simple websites.

19. Graphic Design   Are you a whiz with Photoshop or Illustrator? You can market yourself as a graphic designer and create ads and flyers for anyone in need of a fresh look.

20. T-shirt design  Have some cool ideas for a shirt, don’t let the logistics of making and selling shirts keep you from starting. An online site called Café Press allows you to upload your design, create a storefront and sell shirts without the need to make and ship them. Café Press takes care of all the details for you and gives you a commission of the sale price – about 20% but you can adjust the price to earn more.

21. Music gigs  You can make good money playing at weddings, funerals, and Christmas parties.

22. Personal Training – People are always setting goals to lose weight and to get in shape. Put your services in front of them this fall and try to get a few clients going. Personal training often means creating a workout program for someone and being there to encourage them to do it, but make sure you know enough to prevent injury to your clients.

23. Pizza Delivery  You may think this is only a job for teenagers or those down on their luck, but it’s also a decent way to make money on the side.

24. Video Production  Technology is becoming more widespread and church, schools, and businesses need talented people like you to create videos to share their message with the public.

25. Electronics Installation  If you’re a tech savvy person, you can make a few extra dollars by setting up electronics for less tech savvy people. Check out your local electronics store to see if they would let you put up a flyer – assuming they don’t already offer a similar service. If they do, ask if they’d hire you on the side.

26. Snow Removal  You might have to wake up really early to do this one, but it’s a good way to make the best of a snow day.  While everyone is stuck in their house, you’re outside making money.  *Not valid in Florida

27. Powerwashing  Investing in a good power washer can make for a great side business. You can clean siding, porches, driveways, or just about anything someone wants to be cleaned (via high pressure).

28. Computer Repair  If you are good with computers, you can offer services that include: data backup and restore, antivirus installation, hardware replacement, software updates, etc.

We’ll try to add more ideas as we think of them. If you have some ideas, leave them in the comments and we’ll add them to the blog.


6 thoughts on “28 Ways to Make Money on the Side

  1. These are great ideas. The senior market is definitely a good niche to service with just about any job idea and are fun group of people to help. A niche idea found recently was women house painters. Many single women do not trust strange men coming into their house and would feel much more at ease if they could hire a female painter. Read of one lady who started this and one of her first customers gave 7 referrals! Cheap word of mouth advertising could spread quick in this niche.

  2. A couple of quick things. First, if you want to tutor students, I would suggest calling the high school or middle school guidance department. I teach HS, and our guidance department is kind enough to keep a running list of potential tutors in different subject areas. This might not be true at all schools, but it’s a place to start.

    Another idea for those who are very detail-oriented, but maybe not inclined to be proofreaders is indexing. All those books that have indexes need someone to create them, and from what I understand the author doesn’t always do this. I don’t have any idea what type of education or training is required for this, but the head of my department does this on the side for a small publisher. She enjoys it and the publisher is thrilled to have someone who does the work well and quickly.

  3. If you have any restaurant background, then catering companies often will hire you on an as needed basis for their weekend work to be a waiter or bartender. We found this was good because you can work it around your own schedule. It can be long hours but you can make good money especially in tips.

    • Hilary – this is awesome because most people think of waiting tables as a full time job, but in the catering business you can work a few evenings a month and do it on your own schedule. Thanks!

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