Government Workers, Donuts, and Listening to God

What do government workers, donuts, and listening to the Holy Spirit have in common? More than you may think. You see, it was a typical pressure filled Monday. I had a dozen errands to run before work and no possibility of accomplishing them all by the time I needed to. Add another ingredient, I wasn’t feeling well, and getting bombarded at all sides this particular Monday. First stop? Post office. Big mistake if you are looking for peace. Great place if you are not.

Only one government worker present, with the line of customers 10 deep by 9:30am. The natives were getting restless. I heard comments only heard in government buildings, by those who may not otherwise troll in such waters – comments like “you’re going to go out of business”, “who is your boss, I am going to give him a piece of my mind”, “no wonder the government is broke”, etc. I heard the sole postal worker say, “two people called in sick and I was not supposed to come in until 10:30, I am sorry!”.

When I got up to the counter my first words became words I was not planning on saying. I looked at her name tag and said, “Anna, you are doing a great job and I appreciate you being here. Do you like donuts? Because I am going to bring you a dozen.”. She looked at me quite puzzled and said, “Oh thank you so much for saying that but I don’t need any donuts, it was just so nice to hear those words.”

We finished the mailing and I made a beeline to dunkin donuts. I looked feverishly for a coupon. I don’t pay full price, especially for donuts. I had none. Common sense and financial wisdom said “don’t do it”, or “get one donut, it is the thought that counts”, or “just save your coupons for now on and be ready down the road”.

I decided this time to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of using my brain. The brain is a terrible thing to waste, but the Holy Spirit is a tragic God to ignore. For $11, I paid full price for a dozen donuts and a cup of coffee and drove as a mission back to the post office. This time I had gone “Postal” with a bent towards life. The line was almost out the door by now and the comments were getting even more rude. I walked to the front of the line, risking elbows, sneers and jeers. I plopped the donuts on the counter and said these simple words, “Anna you are doing a great job, enjoy the donuts!”. You could have heard a pin drop. All I could hear was the smile and eyes following me out the door when I left. 

It was the best $11 bucks I spent in a while.


Kevin Cross


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