By the Time You Read This, This Man Will Be Dead

At 11am this beautiful Sunday morning I received a call from a woman in Cincinnati named Sheila. The call went right to my voice mail as I was preaching at another church in the area on the subject of not settling for good when amazing is offered us. The woman said she stayed home from church today to pray for her daughter-in-law’s father who is in the hospital as a result of alcoholism and now leukemia. He is expected to die today or tomorrow at the latest, several organs have shut down in his body.

Now, at the moment I received the call, a batch of 30 wings had just been delivered to my table, so prying myself out of the booth and driving 67 miles to a hospital in Newnan, Ga was a herculean feat. I knew what I was called to do. I was born for so much more than good chicken wings and a well deserved nap so I decided to upgrade!

When I arrived at the hospital I literally begged God for a miracle. This was not a quick, cursory prayer, it was pleading; I was exhausted and had no idea what to say. But, if Tim Tebow can pray for a good game and safety on the field, and an Olympic athlete can pray God’s blessing on the games, I could certainly beg the same God for something far greater – I did, and God breathed life into that alcoholic who saw me as a messenger sent by God himself to deliver the greatest of all news.

Chris White accepted Jesus audibly and when I asked him how he felt after accepting the free gift of eternal life he said, with as much of a smile as he could muster, “better”!

I almost missed “better” by settling for good.


Kevin Cross


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