6 Places to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

We’ve all dreamed about working from home. The allure of making money in our pajamas and being able to stay home with the kids is tempting, but it often seems like a pipe dream. Between scouring countless classified ads, fishing out the scams from the legitimate opportunities, sending query letters and follow ups, there’s hardly any time left over to actually find the work. So it’s no surprise that web sites are popping up all over the place listing freelance work at home jobs in one convenient location. Here are 6 places that will help you find legitimate work at home.

1. oDesk

oDesk is a free resource that hooks up contractors and workers for jobs in a wide variety of fields; including writing and translation, customer service, web development, administrative support, and business services. Create an online profile, browse and apply for jobs you can do, and get paid weekly. oDesk has an online diary system that tracks every hour you work and bills the contractor automatically. Contractors can then rate your performance and help you get more work.

2. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is a massive site full of projects large and small that pay anywhere from $30 to $1000s. Create your free profile and bid on jobs in programming, sales, design, social media and many others. If you are a design guru, try 99designs. It’s the same theory as freelancer, but with a specific focus on graphic design projects.

3. Work at Home Moms

Despite, the name, Work at Home Moms is not only for women. They post job opportunities for free on their site and they have plenty of tips on avoiding scams and starting your own business.  The forum is also a great place to find out other peoples’ experiences with various opportunities.

4. Facebook4Freelancers

Believe it or not, facebook CAN be used for more than cat pictures (don’t tell your aunt – it’ll break her heart). “Like” the Facebook4freelancers page and freelance job postings will automatically get posted to your feed. These are mostly writing and editing jobs, so you may have to brush up on your grammar first.

5. Freelance Job Openings

Freelancejobopenings.com lists paying jobs available to freelancers categorized by type. Search for blogging, copyrighting, graphic design and other jobs according to your interest and ability level.

6. Craigslist

Finding a job or gig on craigslist is not for the feint of heart, but there are tons of legitimate opportunities there if you know what to look for and how to spot scams. Caution – you should never have to pay someone to work for them. If someone asks for money, it’s a scam. Unless they are a poor Nigerian prince who just needs $30,000 from a middle class American to be able to release their millions. That’s legit.

Do you work at home? Have you ever found freelance work online? Tell us about it!


One thought on “6 Places to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

  1. I used to use elance until I got sick of not getting paid in a timely fashion or never at all. Now, I’m using vWorker.com and liking it a lot more. Been out of work for over a year, but it’s keeping us afloat. I do accounting/bookkeeping, but there is every kind of job on there.

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