Giveaway: $20 iTunes Gift Card!

UPDATE: And the winner is… Kathy Foltz!!! Enjoy and thanks for following!

As a way to say thank you for supporting Account417, we are giving away a $20 iTunes gift card!!

Here’s how to enter

You can be entered up to five times by doing every option!

1. Leave a comment below and include a finance topic you’d like to see an article about = 1 entry
2. Subscribe via email (to the right of this post) = 1 entry
3. Become a fan on facebook = 1 entry
4. Follow us on twitter = 1 entry ** 1 extra entry if you tweet:@account417 Is Giving Away a $20 iTunes Gift Card! RT to enter or click to find other ways to enter

Be sure to complete your entries before 10AM on September 24th. The winners will be selected by using the randomness at and will be announced on Monday the 24th.

Thanks again for your support!



2 thoughts on “Giveaway: $20 iTunes Gift Card!

  1. I need help getting my husband on the same financial page. I like bills paid on time and off when possible he is more paying the day they are due and as close to minimum as possible. If you could create and article in regards to that please.
    I am a fan on FB, and I receive your emails already.

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