6 Questions Every Christian Should Ask Themselves About Their Finances

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine financially. We grow accustomed to thinking about our finances a certain way and we’re not even sure why. That’s why it’s a good exercise to ask some uncomfortable questions every once in a while to examine why we’re doing what we’re doing with our finances.

Who is really in charge of my finances?

God owns everything and has given us the role of managers of the money He entrusts to us. Take a step back and think about your attitude in this area. Is God truly at the center of your financial decisions or does the world dictate how you spend your money? Does your checkbook reflect that?

How much financial peace do I have from 1-10?

Are you constantly stressed about paying bills on time? Do you continually fight with your spouse about money? God promises to give us peace in our financial lives when we trust it to Him. It doesn’t always mean that the problems will magically disappear, but He guarantees a untroubled heart.

Is the way I’m spending money making me happy?

Deep down, many of us spend money on stuff because it holds out some hope of happiness. Think about some purchases you’ve made in the past. Did they satisfy? For how long? Is there anything you bought that could have been used for something more satisfying?

Which area of my finances do I have trouble surrendering to God?

We all have areas of weakness. We let God have control of certain parts of our lives, but we can’t trust Him with the rest. What area of your financial life are you holding back from God’s provision?

How is my financial life different than non-Christians?

We are called to live lives that are set apart from the rest of the world, but when we fall into the same traps of greed as everyone else, we are no longer an example to those around us. How is the way you manage money different than the non-Christians around you?

What will God say to me when I reach heaven about the way I used His money?

Imagine you arrive in heaven and have an audience with the creator of the universe. What would you say to Him about the way you spent His money? What would He say to you?


2 thoughts on “6 Questions Every Christian Should Ask Themselves About Their Finances

  1. These are great questions we should be asking ourselves daily. If we were more proactive about it, we’d be better off as a whole.

    One question that spans many of the ones you mentioned is “How much is enough?, what is a want and what is a need?”

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