Rise Up Against Thanksgetting

Today, before the turkey and the feelings of contentment have time to settle, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us and Target, along with several other major retailers, will be opening their doors for a holiday that Americans greet with even greater fervor: Thanksgetting.

Kevin Cross

These companies’ managements reportedly wrestled with this decision, but they all eventually decided to put profit before principle. Hard to blame them, nowadays. We are becoming a society in which the ends justify the means. Today we are at risk of gaining the whole world but, in so doing, losing our soul.

Thanksgiving is one of the last holidays that celebrates what is good in our society, not what profits us. It’s a time to be grateful for what we have, not pine for what we don’t. It’s about the unbounded rejoicing of a people who give thanks for freedom, love, and God’s provision. It is a time to give thanks, not a time to get things.

By allowing our Thanksgiving to become another day of mere commerce, we make the day into Thanksgetting. We dishonor previous Thanksgivings and implicitly dishonor those who have sacrificed for us in the past. And we ignore The Source of our ability and success. We lose a piece of our collective soul that cannot be regained or restored.

We must hang on to Thanksgiving, but we can’t rely on retailers or politicians to do it for us. It will take a multitude of us to stand up and say, “We are content with what we have, you can keep your $2.99 waffle maker”!

Today, rather than waiting in line for that deal you can’t live without like the rest of the sheeple, stay home take stock of what you have. Look in the fridge and say, “wow”. Open your closets and be cheerful. Look at your loved ones and feel fulfilled. Reflect on all that is good in your life and give thanks.


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