40 New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Matter


Jonathan Edwards, the great theologian, recorded these powerful resolutions in his diary from 1722-1723 and read them at least once a week for the rest of his life. They helped shape an incredible man of faith and they still resonate today. This is a pared down and edited list of 40 from his original 70 resolutions.

1. Resolved that all I think or say will be to the glory of God and not to take into consideration my own comfort, profit or pleasure.

2. Resolved if ever I shall fall and grow dull so as to neglect to keep any of these resolutions, I shall repent when I come to my senses again.

3. Resolved never to lose one moment of time but use it to the most profitable way I can.

4. Resolved to live with all my might.

5. Resolved never to do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were my last hour of my life or before the last trumpet blew.

6. Resolved to act in word and deed as if nobody had been so vile as I to live as if I had committed the same sins or had the same infirmities or failings as others to confess my own sins and miser to God when I am prone to look on shame at others.

7. Resolved to think much on the brevity and how short ones life is.

8. Resolved when I feel pain or the least of discomfort to think of the pains of martyrdom – the torments of Hell.

9. Resolved if I see a problem to try to solve it or if someone need help to help them.

10. Resolved if I do help to never become proud or puffed up or seek the credit (glory).

11. Resolved never to do anything out of anger or revenge.

12. Resolved never to speak evil of anyone – to dishonor them unless for some real good reason.

13. Resolved to love all of mankind – walk in humility and look to my own faults and failings.

14. Resolved that I will live as to have no regrets or wish I had done something before I die.

15. Resolved to live each and every day at all times with the things of Eternity always on my mind and heart. Live for Eternal Purposes – may I not find joy in temporary things but in heavenly things.

16. Resolved to be self controlled in all areas of my life.

17. Resolved to get to the bottom of an evil thought or deed. I commit and repent and do it no more.

18. Resolved to examine carefully and constantly in me – what is the thing that causes me in the least to doubt the love of God and the assurance of His love to cast it away.

19. Resolved to study the scripture so diligently, constantly and frequently – as that I may find growth for me and others to observe.20.Resolved to strive every week to have grown in Grace and closer to God.

21. Resolved never to doubt that God hears every prayer I pray to Him – never to doubt His forgiveness – every sin I confess.

22. Resolved to live peacefully with all men as much as I can.

23. Resolved only to speak the truth or what is truthful, never vain, frivolous or empty talking.

24. Resolved to inquire every night as I am going to bed, where have I been negligent; what sin have I committed and where have I denied myself.

25. Resolved to inquire every night, every week, month, year – what would I have done better!

26. Resolved to frequently review my dedication to God to keep my love and heart solely His and to keep the love burning bright – to repent of a luke warm heart.

27. Resolved to never forget I am not my own but Gods and never to live for myself but God.

28. Resolved that nothing but God, Gods word and Gods will shall influence how I live to shun anything that is not of Christlike character.

29. Resolved never to allow any pleasure, grief, joy or sorrow, nor an affection at all, or circumstance to hinder my devotion to God.

30. Resolved to live in utmost respect and honor to all family members especially my own mother and father.

31. Resolved to look often at the state of my soul.

32. Resolved never to say, “if only I could live my life over again I would have done such and such.” (no regrets)

33. Resolved to always be mindful of my Lord Jesus Christ to trust and confide and consecrate myself wholly to Him.

34. Resolved to live as if I had already seen the Joys of Heaven and the torments of Hell!

35. Resolved never to slacken my devotion and resolve to God.

36. Resolved when I fear misfortunes and adversities – to examine if I have been faithful to do my part and trust; repent of any sin and trust God for the outcome.

37. Resolved to act loving, respectfully, Godly towards all and when I am feeling ungodly to quickly repent.

38. Resolved in all situations to act Christlike in His nature and character. Did I speak lovingly?

39. Resolved to pray and groan and intercede with all my heart.

40. Resolved to live a life of complete openness and honesty before God and others. No secret sins or hidden ways but to confess often and openly to God. (all sins, temptations, difficulties, sorrows, fears, hopes, desires)


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