Save $1,000 This Month!


After all the holiday spending, most of us are busy making New Year’s Resolutions. After losing weight and getting organized, saving money is the most common resolution for Americans and one that half the country will give up on before February.

It is possible to save $1,000 in one month even on a meager salary – I’ve seen it done and done it myself. But accomplishing it is not without a fair amount of sacrifice. That’s why every day through the month of January we will be posting a new tip to get you to your goal. 

Why should you take this challenge? On one level because an extra $1,000 would be nice. On a deeper level, learning to hold back is an excellent exercise of your faith and will strengthen your trust in God.

The human brain is very programmable and we often program ourselves to one way of thinking about money. Stretching out of our comfort zones in this way often serves to remind us of our priorities and why we’re doing what we’re doing. Even if you don’t need the extra $1,000.00, push yourself to try different things.

Reaching $1,000 may be unrealistic for some of you, but with nothing ventured, nothing is gained. Even if you feel $1,000 is unattainable, see how close you can get. You’ll be surprised how far a few sacrifices and a little faith can get you.

As is the case with most money matters, talk is cheap. In order for this to work, you’ll have to implement the daily tips and do it now.

The Tips So Far

Save a $1,000 Day 1: Spending Fast

Save a $1,000 Day 2: No Waiters

Save a $1,000 Day 3: Bargaining Power

Save a $1,000 Day 4: Switch Grocery Stores

Save a $1,000 Day 5: Ebay!

Save a $1,000 Day 6: Brown Bag It!

Save a $1,000 Day 7: Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Save a $1,000 Day 8: Lose the Tube

Save a $1,000 Day 9: Choose Your Secret Weapon

Save a $1,000 Day 10: Unsubscribe Bonanza!

Save a $1,000 Day 11: Man the Gates!

Save a $1,000 Day 12: Enlist Supernatural Help

Save a $1,000 Day 13: Make Some Sweet Moolah

Save a $1,000 Day 14: Launch a Preemptive Strike

Save a $1,000 Day 15: Take Stock

Save a $1,000 Day 16: Give Your 2 Cents and Get Paid

Save a $1,000 Day 17: Go Non-Profit with Your Health Insurance

Save a $1,000 Day 18: Cut All Your Bills in One Easy Step

Save a $1,000 Day 19: Get Fit for Cheap (or Free)

Save a $1,000 Day 20: Just DIY It!

Save a $1,000 Day 21: Ibotta!

Save a $1,000 Day 22: Become a Bobble Head

Save a $1,000 Day 23: Break Out the Warm, Fuzzy Slippers

Save a $1,000 Day 24: Share Some Sugar

Save a $1,000 Day 25: Start Swappin’


8 thoughts on “Save $1,000 This Month!

  1. Sounds like a fab idea. I’m in, even if I don’t save $1000, it is never a bad thing to save money. How do we get on the email list with hte extra tips?

    I probably already do a lot of them, but I’m hoping for some new ideas.

  2. Hey I’m willing to try anything. Was out of work for four months and had to learn to be frugal-er. Just got a part time job so I need to economize and sacrifice as much as I can to build up my savings again.

    Thanks for this challenge. Looking forward to the tips.

  3. For me, learning to tithe and being a consisting giver to God somehow miraculously has made me able to save. I know it doesn’t make sense on paper because giving money to church is less money you save in your own account, or so it seems. But, it’s not true. The more we start to do money God’s way the more he miraculously develops the discipline in us and the opportunities to save. There have been many months I did not know how I’d have enough to cover all my bills because I was going through some really hard times, but after tithing, somehow my bills are covered and I have money growing in savings! God shows up when you do things His way. I’ve experienced it first hand.

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