Save a $1000 Day 2: No Waiters

20121228-123027.jpgFor 30 days, forget about eating out. Pretend that restaurants don’t exist. For the $10-25 per person you’ll spend per person at a restaurant, you can eat at home for two or three days.

This will take some self control and planning on your part. Think about every meal and get the ingredients out in advance so if you’re tempted to eat out you’ll have a reason to go home instead.

Total monthly savings: $60 – $300


2 thoughts on “Save a $1000 Day 2: No Waiters

  1. Hello! We have been doing this a lot in NZ – infact I don’t think we have been to a sit down restaurant since we have been here! I keep quick cook noodles and rice on hand! Thanks for your posts!!

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