Save a $1,000 Day 3: Bargaining Power

IWT_iPhone_AppThis is one of those tips you hear about a lot but never actually do. It seems hopeless to try to negotiate with a gigantic company, but remember that it’s 10 times cheaper for them to keep a current customer than to recruit a new one.

Even if you’re locked into a contract, you still have bargaining power. Here’s how:

If you’re a smart phone owner who’s with Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T, you can switch to StraightTalk and get unlimited talk, text and web for $45 a month. Even iPhone owners can make the switch now with a $14.99 sim card sold directly by StraightTalk.

Depending on your monthly bill, it might be cheaper in the long run for you to pay the early termination fee to get out of your contract and switch.

Call your carrier and tell them you want to cancel. They will transfer you to a specialist who can cut your bill in ways other reps can’t.

My AT&T bill was $153.67 per month for two iPhones. Using the StraightTalk rap with the cancellation rep worked wonders. Free unlimited text messaging and a few discounts later, my bill was down to $89.99 a month – about what I’d pay at StraightTalk and without paying the cancellation fee!

Potential Monthly Savings: $60 – $120


4 thoughts on “Save a $1,000 Day 3: Bargaining Power

  1. I’ve done this with my cable provider. I told them I needed to save money so I was thinking of canceling and they cut my bill by $40 and didn’t even take any services or channels away.

  2. I worked as a termination rep for a long time and I can attest to this. The one thing I can say is to do your research first. Find a legit lower price from a competitor. Where I worked, matching or beating a competitor’s price was always a priority and we’d do it no questions asked.

    Try to be nice and you’ll get further than if you start off angry with us.

    Thanks for the blog.

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