Save a $1,000 Day 4: Switch Grocery Stores

ALDIThis is a big tip that has the potential to boost your savings drastically. If you’ve been afraid to try a “discount” grocery store such as Aldi or Save-a-lot, this month is the time to get brave and try it. You may be pleasantly surprised and, if not, the good news is that the one month trial won’t kill you.

My wife and I switched to Aldi from Publix/Kroger and literally cut our grocery bill by 40-50%. Recently we’ve tried Save-A-Lot and been equally pleased (though we still prefer Aldi). Aldi is owned by the same people who run Trader Joe’s, so they carry several similar or identical products, but at a fraction of the price, and all without the need to cut coupons.

Switching actually saved us time as well; the stores only carry one brand of each item so the shelves aren’t cluttered with 15 choices of flour. You grab what you need and get out. Our trips to Publix used to be drawn out affairs, the two of us meandering down aisle after aisle, stopping every 30 seconds to contemplate whether “creamy” Ranch dressing is better than “savory” Ranch Dressing. Now we are a trained swat team who swoops in and out of Aldi in 20 minutes flat.

For a full guide on finding and trying a discount grocery store, see our guide here.

Potential Monthly Savings: $200-500.


4 thoughts on “Save a $1,000 Day 4: Switch Grocery Stores

  1. Rhonda,

    If you get 25 mpg in the car you’re driving, you’ll use two gallons of gas at $3.50 a gallon, so about $7. Let’s say you’ll save 30% by shopping at Aldi as compared to Publix or a similar grocery store. If you spend $400 a month on groceries, 30% less is a savings of $120 over the course of the month. If you make two trips a month, you’re looking at $14 in gas, so you would net $106.

    The question you’d have to ask is if the savings are worth the extra time involved for you.

    • Thanks Kevin! If I decide to shop at Aldi’s regularly, I will get to see Ruthie–that is a +. I will buy her coffee–that will negate some of the savings. But, I could bring my own, or she could make some for me. Than it would be a win-win!

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