Save a $1,000 Day 9: Choose Your Secret Weapon

GraniteRockSometimes the simplest tips are the most powerful. This single step has the power to save you more than any frugality tip ever.

It may sound dumb, but it’s one of the most effective tools I’ve found as a financial counselor.

Action Step

Here’s what you do. Find an object. It could be a rock from your backyard, an object you pass every day in your house, or any do-hickey you can stuff in your pocket. Say to yourself (and say a prayer to God) that this object represents your covenant to save a $1,000 this month (or whatever your goal is) to mentally connect the object to your goal. Don’t wait until later to do this. Go do it now.

Every time you pass the object or touch it in your pocket, you’ll be reminded of your goal and be motivated to stick to it. It works better than you can imagine and is one of the most painless steps you can take in your savings odyssey.

I want to hear what object you pick. I’ve encouraged people to do this before and I’m always curious to hear what they choose.

Potential Monthly Savings: Limitless


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