Save a $1,000 Day 10: Unsubscribe Bonanza!


When counseling an addict, counselors are tasked with identifying triggers which could cause a relapse. Financial counseling is no different. When I’m working with a counselee, I try to pick out those things that provoke spending. Often it’s those seemingly harmless little marketing e-mails you get from your favorite online retailer.

For me, it’s I get them every day and always feel compelled to see what deals I’m missing and can’t possibly live without. The funny thing is, there are “unbeatable sales” every day without fail and the things I buy are things I really can live without.

You may think these e-mails have no effect on you, but a shocking 77% of people repurchase at least once a year from a site where they receive marketing emails.

Action Step

Right now, find AT LEAST one marketing e-mail you receive from a retailer and unsubscribe. The more you weed out, the better.

Potential Monthly Savings: $10-100


5 thoughts on “Save a $1,000 Day 10: Unsubscribe Bonanza!

  1. All I have is Walgreens but I don’t want to get ax it because I get deals on stuff I have to buy anyway. I will share this with my wife though.

    • Eugene, thanks for the comment. Used properly, email marketing CAN help you save money but it’s a double edged sword that, more often than not, makes you spend on things you wouldn’t normally.

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