Save a $1,000 Day 15: Take Stock

Take this midway point as a chance to step back and take stock of how you’re doing.

  • Which tips have you utilized?
  • Which ones have you not yet tried?
  • Have you tried your hardest? If not, use this as a chance to double your efforts for the remaining days.
  • Which tips don’t apply to you?
  • How much have you saved?

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6 thoughts on “Save a $1,000 Day 15: Take Stock

  1. I’ve enjoyed this series a lot but don’t usually comment, but I want to brag about my progress.

    – Slashed $90 from cell phone bill by using the Straight Talk tactic
    – Haven’t gone out to eat once even for fast food – $60 savings at least but a lot of work cooking for myself
    – Brought lunch to work – $50 saved ( I only work 3 days a week)
    – Found out there is an Aldi store 20 minutes away – saved maybe $90 so far (great prices)
    – Sold some action figures I used to collect – $246
    – CANCELLED MY DIRECTV! I was spending $78 a month. Don’t know how long I can go without it though
    – I successfully did the spending fast for one day, but messed up when I had to bring a gift to a party I had forgotten about – $35
    – Unsubscribed from Sears – dunno how much that will save me

    All in all, that’s $649 in actual money back in my pocket!

  2. Many of the tips I was already doing, but I was still able to net some extra savings.

    1. Already shop at Food4Less here is Riverside thanks to your post last February.

    2. Changed my Internet contract. Since I’m not downloading videos, or games, and basically use the Internet for email and reading the news and blogs, I downgraded to a “slower” DSL connection. From ~$60/month, I now pay ~$30/month.

    3. Sold some old ipod and a few other items – $180.

    4. Tried Opinion Outpost. I haven’t received payment yet, but I should be getting $25.

    5. Cut my eating out to one time so far where I would normally go out two times a week, so about $75.

    6. Have lived without TV for 7 years and just use a pre paid cell phone for $20/month, so I can’t really trim any more.

    Total Saved: $310.

  3. Most of the tips here either don’t apply to me or I’ve been doing for years. But I had a headstart on frugal ways, raising 6 children on a single salary (and not even that since hubby was laid off in July and hasn’t found work yet.) I haven’t had any long-term savings, but have saved about $91 for a one-time boost. The biggest thing I’ve gained so far is the comfort of knowing that I’m really doing GREAT at my frugality efforts despite my self-recriminations.

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