Save a $1,000 Day 24: Share Some Sugar

Share-Some-SugarThere is a new movement afoot to turn the concept of borrowing a neighbor’s cup of sugar into a global thing. ShareSomeSugarNeighborgoods, and SnapGoods are all websites trying to turn borrowing and sharing into the new buying.

Say you need a GPS for a trip or a pressure washer for a small project. Rather than buying a brand new one, you go on these nifty sites and see if anyone in your area has one to share. If they do, you respond to their listing and arrange to come get it. You can, in turn, list stuff you are willing to lend people for short periods of time.

It’s good for your wallet and will give you that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you live in a community that’s willing to share. What a cool idea!

Potential Monthly Savings: Hmm, depends on what you need to borrow; $1 – $1,000


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