Save a $1,000 Day 25: Start Swappin’

2303550.jpg.size-285_maxheight-285_square-trueDo you remember when you were a kid and you would try to trade your toys with your friends? “I’ll give you three hot wheels for your Luke Skywalker action figure!” or “Here’s two pieces of gum for a Starburst.” No one has any money so the only way to get new stuff was to swap with your buddies.

Well, that idea is making a comeback thanks to the world wide webs. Sites like Tradeomics,, and SwapAce help you turn something you don’t want anymore into something you do.

How It Works 

You can post items you don’t want anymore and list the things you be willing to trade for them or just browse for something you want and see if it matches up with something you have. For example, someone may post a Playstation 3 and say they’d be willing to trade for an Xbox 360, iPod or a laptop. If you have anything he’s interested in, you both make an even trade. Most sites have a reputation system to stop you from getting scammed.

Trade Houses

Take a cheap vacation by trading your house with someone who lives at the beach (HomeExchange,

Trade Fashion

Trade your old clothes for new-to-you styles at, Rehash Clothes, ThredUp.

Exchange Services

Are you a handy man but don’t know the first thing about graphic design? Check out SwapRight to trade professional services! Need someone to watch the kids? Take a look at BabysitterExchange to reserve time by becoming part of a babysitting community.

Swap Books

Get rid of the books you’ve read and get new ones at BookMooch and PaperBackSwap.

Potential Monthly Savings: $10 – $50


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