Save a $1,000 Day 30: Set Up Roadblocks

road_blockLet’s face it. A lot of the work of saving money is mental. You can know all the clever ways to save, but unless you’re mentally strong, they won’t help you squirrel away anything. As humans, we are incredible at the art of rationalization. We can convince ourselves that we need to buy something better than the best advertising campaign ever conceived.

You may need to set up roadblocks in your life to stop yourself from hemorrhaging money. You may just need to steel yourself mentally against the kind of spending that you’re prone to or you may need physical roadblocks.

  • If you eat out too much, buy mostly perishable food at the grocery store that will go bad quickly if you don’t eat it.
  • If you love the plastic, freeze your card in a block of ice (literally) so you have to thaw it to use it. If that doesn’t work, cut them up!
  • If you watch too much TV, get rid of it or destroy your remote to make TV watching less accessible

Action Step

In order to truly save, don’t just look on the surface at where you’re spending, look at the causes of your spending and eliminate them if they are a problem for you. Take a minute to analyze why you buy the things you buy and, if you’d like to stop, set up a mental or physical roadblock.

Potential Monthly Savings: Variable based on your spending habits


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