Being a Generosity Grifter

Being a Generosity GrifterIn the Christian world, we aren’t allowed to grift, scam, hustle, or even flim flam. (You remember when Jesus said “lowly are the bamboozlers” in 2nd Hezekiah?)

So we’re left to a life of no excitement, eating vanilla ice cream and listening to Barry Manilow’s tamer records, right? Wrong. The Christian life is supposed to be dangerous and lived on the edge of the miraculous, baby! Or, as Tyler Durden from Fight Club put it, “I don’t want to die without any scars”.

If you’re bored with the ol’ passing-the-plate giving, here are some ways to spice up your generosity and possibly go to jail at the same time.

“The Reverse Pickpocket”

The Scene: City streets

The Mark: Anyone with a bag or anyone wearing pants

The Move: 
1. Stash your cash in a little envelope or note that says, “you’ve been reverse pick pocketed by __________” and any message you want.
2. Slyly slip the scratch into the unsuspecting mark’s bag or, if you’re adventurous, their back pocket.
3. Don’t get caught. That would just be weird.

“The Debit Card Shuffle”

The Scene: Fast food restaurant, Grocery store, Retail store

The Mark: Anyone behind you in line

The Move: 
1. Tell the clerk on the sly that you want to pay for the items of the person behind you.
2. Leave your debit card with the clerk and pretend to gather your purchases (if it’s fast food, sit down and watch the bedlam) as the trick plays itself out.
3. This works as an a-ha moment for the mark AND the clerk.

“The Goose Chase”

The Scene: Anywhere and everywhere

The Mark: Struggling friend or family member

The Move:
1. Stash the cash in a crazy place (maybe even in public)
2. Make a card (or cards) with clues as to the location of the “package”
3. Leave the card where the mark will find it and let the hunt begin

“The Blade”

The Scene: Shopping plaza parking lot

The Mark: Single mom/dad with an older car

The Move: 
1. Write an encouraging note, wrap it around some cash
2. Leave it in the mark’s windshield wiper blade.
3. Sit in the car and watch the discovery from afar.

“The Anonymous”

The Scene: Apartment complex/housing development/workplace

The Mark: Neighbor/coworker/anyone in need

The Move:
1. Carefully select a worthy recipient (could even be a friend)
2. When the coast is clear, leave an envelope with cash on their door/work or home mailbox
3. When they tell you about this strange occurrence, feign ignorance

If you have any other creative, dangerous giving ideas, I want to hear them!


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