Introducing Moolah Man: Teach your kids to use money God’s way!

Page_01In all my years of doing Christian financial counseling, I’ve noticed a glaring oversight in the available materials: there’s nothing great for young kids.

So, over the last year, Account417 has been developing a curriculum for kids that teaches them what God’s word has to say about money in a cool and engaging way. We’ve tested Moolah Man in 5 churches now and the reaction has been overwhelming! So much so that Ron Blue & Co. (The foremost Christian financial advisors in the world) have partnered with us to get Moolah Man in the hands of as many kids as we can.

What is Moolah Man?


  • Moolah Man is a comic book-based curriculum written with 3rd-5th graders in mind and follows the adventures of Moolah Man as he battles Dr. Debtoculous’s evil schemes with the help of Anna-Kate.
  • It can be used in a home school setting and it really shines in a church/group environment!
  • It’s cheap! We want to spread Moolah Man’s message so we made it as inexpensive as we could. Plus, 100% of the proceeds go to help Account417 do more free financial counseling, cars for single moms, and all the other fun stuff we do.

What will kids learn?



Moolah kids will learn to make a resumé and apply for a “job” with their parents, trusted neighbors or friends as well as brainstorm ideas to bring in more dough.


In the saving curriculum, kids learn to identify money, set savings goals, examine why they want it (and if they need it) and learn how banks work. They will also be introduced to the concept of setting aside their money for different purposes by using a customizable envelope system.


For one whole week, every kid will keep a spending diary to record everything they spend. They are then asked to create a spending plan (budget) based on it. Dr. Debtoculous will introduce the concept of debt and how to avoid it. Kids will also learn to identify their wants vs. their needs. They will set up their own stores and shop at other kids’ stores using their “Moolah Cash”


One of the most important things we can do as Christians is give, so Moolah Man will nurture kids’ natural inclination to be selfless givers. They will be challenged to give their money to a cause that is important to them to see how it feels. Was it more satisfying in the long run than the toy they coveted?

Throughout the course of the curriculum, kids will memorize what God’s word says about money, be challenged to take action themselves and have a lot of fun in the process!

Check out to order!


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