I Thought I Was Going To Die: Dispatches from Trinidad

As some of you know, I am in Trinidad this week, speaking every night at a 5 night crusade in a little town called Caroni. (This time with my amazing family!) I have come here to the small but powerful Kelly Community Church four years now and every time God has stretched my faith, shown me wonders and kept me on my toes. This visit has been no different.

Machete to the skull

1077204_10201791868384378_1067405223_oLevi Elliot, a 16 year old gang member was nearly machete’ed to death this past week. Now he is a long term resident at Mount of Hope Hospital in Trinidad, one of the poorest in Trinidad. The youth from Kelly Community Bible Church and our team from Atlanta went to visit. I asked Levi if he had ever considered death before nearly having his skull chopped off by an opposing gang member. He told us, “I thought I was going to die”. I asked if he had died and God asked why he should let him into heaven, what would he say?

“I dunno,” Levi said.

I told him 25 years ago I was in a jail cell with a convicted murderer and I thought I was going to die and this became the most important question I would ever be able to answer. I led him through Romans 10:9 and he asked to accept Jesus as his savior. I gave him a card and the Bible to commemorate the moment.

Amazingly, he wanted to get up and write his name on the card that said “Today I asked Jesus to be my Savior”. He signed it and I wrote on the back my info and told him, “You have a 3 year jump on me – I did not make this decision until I was 19. I am going to follow your life as your redemption story draws people to Jesus”. What an amazing moment of a ripe and ready soul. God’s glory and our great joy!

A Lifelong Hindu

1102748_10201791773662010_1307588432_oRaj Aram almost died a Hindu, but God had other plans. As we visited the public (free) hospital in Trinidad this afternoon, the Lord led me to the bedside of this dying man. When I asked if he was ready to die he coughed out a feeble “no”.

I asked him, “What would you say to God if He asked you why He should let you into heaven.

In a quiet whisper, he said, “I don’t know.”

I told him I was sent by God to lead him to Jesus. I showed him what God’s word said about the free gift of eternal life and asked if he wanted to accept Jesus right now. He said yes! We prayed and I could see the peace come over him, and I knew this was a divine appointment by the Great Physician God!!!

The Troubador

945777_10201811518075608_968390058_nMiciah, playing the guitar, is a 15 year old phenom who has written and composed many songs. He even wrote one about flying away to Heaven but did not know Jesus Christ. God may have brought us to Trinidad for this young talented musician to lead him to Jesus!!!

Over 150 kids came out to Vacation Bible School in the rural community of Kelly Village. By our third day, over 30 children had already accepted Jesus as their savior!

The Whole Town Came Out


It was a powerful outpouring of God’s power. It feels like almost everyone in this poor and rural community walked to the only stop light and heard great worship music, the Redeemer skit, and a message about the celebrated royal baby in England and how the King of Kings dwelt among us and died and rose again so that we could have hope and life. Our first night, 10 people indicated that they accepted Christ as their Savior!


In another life, when I was busy trying to die with the most toys, the thought of leading a dull, plodding, goodie two-shoes Christian existence sounded worse than death. Boy, was I wrong. THIS is the life that is truly life (1 Tim 6:19).

Pray that we make the most of every adventurous opportunity God puts in front of us!


2 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Going To Die: Dispatches from Trinidad

  1. Your personal story…..and now the intervention of God’s Providence into the lives of these precious souls through your love and ministry…..powerfully demonstrates the Mercy and Grace of our Sovereign Lord who uses broken vessels, as vessels of mercy, which He prepared beforehand for His Glory Alone!! How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good things……Romans 10:15.

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