Must See Video: Chinese Christians See Bible For the First Time

I know this look. I’ve seen it come over the faces of American Christians many times. It’s a look of unparalleled ecstasy at knowing what a boon this new object will be in their lives.

Sadly, we’ve all seen it; in Black Friday videos, in the eyes of friends and family as they feverishly open that new iPad, and in ourselves when we covet that object (insert your weakness here) which captivates us and holds the promise of security, satisfaction, and significance in our lives.


But here’s the rub; the book these Chinese Christians are unpacking with such unfettered joy is no less glorious in its life-giving promise than the ones we sometimes lug around out of a sense of duty. And, if we believe what we say, this book holds the key to our temporal and eternal lives, something that none of those objects of our desire can ever hope to match.


I pray that we will be more like these Chinese Christians, pure elation filling our souls every time we look at God’s word. I am going to print this picture (to the right) and keep it in my Bible to remind me of that joy.

If you’d like to help get Bibles to China, check out Voice of the Martyr’s excellent ministry Bibles Unbound or Bibles For China. Both are reputable organizations who, for $5 – $6, will deliver a Bible to someone in this restricted nation.


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